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Is CBD Harmful To Pregnant Women?

CBD causes much confusion and some angry debate, especially when the subject of pregnancy is thrown into the mix. There’s no doubt Cannabidiol is a popular choice for millions around the world as it makes pain management easier and helps reduce stress. For some pregnant women that is important because it’s an anxious time becoming a mother. However, that has caused some controversy over pregnant women using CBD. So, how harmful is CBD during pregnancy?

The Hidden Risks of Side Effects

On the surface Cannabidiol looks very much harmless, but, there are some potential side effects to come from using it. For example, some may experience drowsiness or nausea. For a pregnant woman, she could use CBD, and soon after feel a little drowsy; before being able to sit down, she loses her balance and injures herself. Or, unbeknownst to the woman, she drives to the local supermarket and on the way back feels drowsy and crashes the car. While those might seem unrealistic, you don’t know what could happen when you experience drowsiness. Most women will sit or lie down if they feel that way but that doesn’t mean to say there still isn’t a risk to you or the more about how to quit smoking using CBD at

Is CBD Harmful To Pregnant Women

Limited Research

You can’t deny there are genuine medical reasons for the use of CBD. While some might debate that fact, there have already been some instances where Cannabidiol has helped ease aches and pains. Unfortunately, when it comes to prolonged CBD use and pregnant women, the research is limited. CBD’s effects on an unborn baby aren’t well researched or known as yet. The trouble is that CBD use is going to come down to the mother and what she feels comfortable using. If Cannabidiol is misused then it could have a severe impact on the baby; even smaller amounts could impact. It’s hard to give a definitive answer and talking to an OBGYN might be best.

Should You Use Cannabidiol during Your Pregnancy?

Currently, the FDA does not approve or recommend the use of CBD during pregnancy. However, this, ultimately, is a personal choice. Some will say it’s entirely safe for you and the baby and others will say otherwise. It’s hard to say for certainty Cannabidiol will be fine because you do not know how it’ll impact the baby. Even if it doesn’t directly harm the baby, the side effects could harm you which could ultimately cause injury or distress to the baby. For instance, an accident because of drowsiness, a side effect of CBD; that’s what you have to consider too.

How Do You Feel Using CBD During Pregnancy?

Many mothers, especially first-time mothers experience anxiety and stress, not to mention pain, during their pregnancy. It’s understandable because you’re responsible for that child; you are his or her mother and they rely on you for nurture, care, and safety. Mothers – and fathers – can feel anxious at the thought and may want to look at Cannabidiol for some relief. It’s hard to say it’s safe or harmful as every pregnant woman can have a different reaction than the next. Cannabidiol offers something to ease anxiety but it does also provide potential risks during pregnancy, so think carefully.

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